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Welcome to Azeroth

The Cenarion Circle Community of players welcome you to our fire. Here, you can make peace, share a meal, and get to know your friends.. and your foes. This community is open to anyone playing on the Cenarion Circle server for World of Warcraft.

Please leave your blades and bows at the door before you enter.

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Other Guild News

New Unoffical Board users

Clyde the Tailor, Apr 24, 09 5:49 PM.
Due to some oddities in the official CC boards over at Blizzard, we have a number of first time folks wandering over to these boards.  Until they join the site, they will have pretty limited access to the boards, only seeing a few of them.  I am setting the "Campfire Discussions" and "Ranting and Raving" boards to be open, but the others will remain closed.  If we get spam / keyloggers, I'll close them back up.

If you are a newcomer, join us, and get access to the myriad discussion boards we have here!  The admins will try to get you into the system ASAP.

Updating the Guild Listings

Clyde the Tailor, Jul 9, 08 6:23 PM.
Now updating the guild listings, in order to bring them out of the Ancient Times and into the New Present.

Send a guild listing to Clyde (at the address in the upper right) to add your guild listing!  We'll be deleting every few months or so, so keep current!

New IRC Server info!

Clyde the Tailor, Apr 6, 06 5:33 PM.
Guildportal is changing IRC servers... again

The new IRC information is: port 6667 #CenarionCircleCommunityChat

Hope to see you there!

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